Oxford Myrtle – Everything We Offer

academic excellence

Oxford Myrtle Education is here to develop the academic excellence of young adults through our range of programmes and services which are designed to enhance all aspects of pre-university and university study. 

We offer assistance with all aspects of education - from a personalised service that covers guidance when applying for a place at school, college or university through mentorship of studies to unique additional study programmes.

independent learning

Myrtle Programmes aim to enhance independent learning through the development of key analytical skills, empowering young people in preparation for top-flight careers.

There is a philosophy at the root of all we do: empowerment for young people comes only when they have acquired a systematic framework of thought.

Analytical framework

The systematic framework we share with students who choose a Myrtle Programme underpins all academic learning. A comprehensive understanding of the framework leads to the academic prizes that are most valued in the world of work – A levels, the International Baccalaureate, top degree results in undergraduate studies, postgraduate qualifications (Master’s Degrees and Doctorates), and professional qualifications in the most desired careers.