Myrtle Placement

Choosing a school or college

For any family planning to send their child a long way from home to board at school or simply considering the array of schools locally that can offer a day place there are so many factors to consider and so much that is unknown. 

Our aim is to understand you and your child so we can direct you to a place and course of study that is suited to your child’s needs and interests – always with your child’s long term progression to university and an eventual career in mind.

Not only do we offer all the advice and guidance a family requires in finding a suitable school or college in the UK – we have especially strong contacts in Oxford, London, Cambridge and Bath – we aim to look after you every step of the way.

Gaining entrance

For your peace of mind, we provide assistance with all academic matters associated with entry to a school or college (e.g. entrance tests, interview preparation, paperwork completion, extra relevant tuition, and so forth).

Looking after your child

We also take into account all the care you will require for your child in your absence, care that goes beyond what a school can provide, and we can offer guardianship and welfare support to ensure your child is always looked after in school or outside, when they are away from you.