Myrtle Applications

Applying to world class universities

We provide detailed advice and close guidance with preparation of applications for undergraduate (and postgraduate) degree level study.

We assist every step of the way with all aspects of university admissions, for both UK (UCAS) and overseas universities providing personalised support. We will advise on specific course requirements and how to meet them, help produce a shortlist of institutions and guide students to their final choices.

Guidance with UCAS

We provide practical support with completion of the UCAS form. The form is a demanding one in which students aim to present their chosen universities with a clear picture of who they are, their achievements and how they will be suitable for their course. We help with:

  • Designing an application timetable and monitoring deadlines
  • Offering a reading and review service as a student drafts their Personal Statement
  • Liaising with universities on any individual matters
  • Monitoring progress through the year, as students receive responses from universities
  • Being available on Results’ Day to assist with the final steps to university matriculation

We can also provide specialist assistance with any interviews and the written tests that form part of many applications to Oxford and Cambridge, and for Medicine and related degrees.

The career path that is right for you

Whether you have a clear idea of what you would like to study at university or have no idea where to begin, we can help you to successful application for the degree course best suited to your needs and interests and with your long term progression to a career in mind.