Myrtle Resurgence

Coming back to full time study

Students who have suspended their study – whatever the reason – can often struggle to find their way back to formal education and that is where our programme can help you. 

Myrtle Resurgence is a programme designed to restore your enthusiasm for study and your belief in yourself. We will help you develop the skills you need to face the study challenges that lie ahead with confidence.
Our programme begins by helping you recognise the qualities you possess already and how you can build on your past experience and your early achievements.

We teach you how to structure your thoughts and feelings in a coherent and articulate manner according to scientific tools you will learn with us and then apply.

Advancing analytical skills

At the same time, we show you how to produce a fundamental analytical response to a question or topic - and then go even further and deepen your presentation of your initial ideas to produce advanced and more sophisticated analysis. 

There is nothing daunting or rigid in our approach and the tools you learn can be applied in surprisingly informal ways, to any subject of interest to you, any hobby you have – anything you are passionate about. As you move through the programme you will see yourself develop your ability to understand, organise and order by priority increasingly challenging academic material.

Improving your abilities

Renewed confidence will help stimulate your curiosity and also your optimism in the face of new courses of study and qualifications you want to achieve. 

You will be able to do this because you will have developed greater belief in your ability to complete academic tasks successfully. Our aim is to help you move beyond any previous experiences you may have had of feeling helpless and confused, until you have reached the point where you feel first capable, then able to master academic study.