Myrtle Empowerment

reach up to degree level study

Our core programme is designed to develop three key strengths for pre-university candidates

  • Developing successful analytical skills that are geared to the A level/IB exam room
  • Supercurricular knowledge as a bridge to wider university studies in a given discipline
  • The fusion of ideas across disciplines – making sense of the extracurricular

We teach students how to cope with the demands of independent study and research required at top level universities, and for careers beyond.

The Key to success

The heart of the programme is the systematic teaching of an analytical cognitive map within a specific theoretical framework. In using and applying this map, we teach and practice a wide array of skills.

Mastering academic studies

The skills acquired will help students both in the exam room and at interview. They will gain an understanding of how to master questions on the basis of the cognitive map. Students gain greater confidence in situations that require them to engage in mature intellectual dialogue pushing them to think creatively beyond their comfort zone. No matter what is thrown at you – in an exam or at interview - you will know how to address successfully.

Next Myrtle Empowerment Sunday Course

The next course begins on Sunday 19th January, 2020. For full information and registration contact:
Aliza (+44)  07967 441748