Myrtle Advance

Empowering University Students

Myrtle Advance is our premier programme geared to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to develop their analytical skills to take the analysis they produce in their academic assignments, exam performance, and dissertational work to a higher level.

Myrtle Advance grew out of a concern frequently expressed by university students: that they would like more opportunities to meet with academics for tutorial work based in very small groups of two to three students. These small tutorials are one of the features of study for which top UK universities such as Oxford and Cambridge are famous and from which generations of students have benefitted immensely.

Degree level research and writing skills

At the same time, because of major changes in the structure of A levels our universities have found that modern students do not necessarily begin their degree course with the developed independent study and research skills common to previous generations, skills that were developed under the old A level system. Small group tutorials at university are the best forum to cement these skills.

Myrtle Advance offers such a forum with the chance to not only spark ideas in discussion, but to explore articulated responses under our programme director’s guidance. You will enhance your academic writing skills through gaining a thorough understanding of the analytical framework we teach.

Mentorship at university

Within Myrtle Advance, students also have the opportunity to opt for individual mentoring to support and monitor every aspect of their study at university. This is a very effective way of helping students learn how to structure original and creative ideas into clear lines of argument, all set within a solid scientific-theoretical framework.

We aim to help you find yourself in the fast-moving and very demanding world of modern academia so that you can deliver on the promise you have displayed throughout your school career now that you have reached the highest level.

Next Myrtle ADVANCE Sunday Course

The next course begins on Sunday 19th January, 2020. For full information and registration contact:
Aliza (+44)  07967 441748