Myrtle Programmes

All Myrtle Programmes are based on the learning and practice of a method rooted in the study of knowledge and how best we acquire and develop what we know.

The principles we have developed into a framework were originally developed for the systematic study of the natural sciences, and were then adopted by social scientists, especially psychologists. The approach has equal value for students of the arts, social sciences and humanities in ensuring they present their ideas in a structured and complete way working to a framework. 

Top universities are all looking for the same versatility and flair in prospective students, whatever the academic subject: scientists and social scientists who are articulate and compelling writers, arts and humanities students who develop their ideas within a systematic framework. Myrtle Programmes are sensitive instruments that ensure academic rigour thus allowing individual creativity - whatever the academic discipline a student follows - to flourish.

Myrtle Programmes teach you how to think your way through problems, working to grasp the fact that there is a systematic and common process you can apply to engage successfully with any academic challenge.
“Thinking is something we ask of students - and teachers expect it to happen in silence. Yet thinking is a language, and although it is often an unspoken one, it is the universal language of analysis, to be acquired and practised, at any level, for any challenge encountered. But you have to be taught this language and you have to have the chance to speak it first.”
Aliza Samorly-Thompson, Founder of Oxford Myrtle
Myrtle Programmes teach you a theoretical cognitive map which serves as a universal framework to analyse any subject question. The method allows you to isolate the issues in any question you face and structure a cognitive map, based on generic principles. Whether the goal is a finished essay, an interview, a project, even a conversation – your final product will be more confident, effective and winning. 

In learning how best to structure your analysis through this systematic framework you are paving the way to more profound insights and augmenting your ability to make connections across disciplines, which can be crucial as you approach university level learning. Myrtle programmes empower students to become more aware of the ‘big picture’ when scrutinising small details and to be able to root their analysis by keeping in mind distinct arguments when making general statements on complex issues.

The systematic framework, once learnt, underpins all the analytical practices that will be demanded of you as the basis for successful action in the world – in final years’ schooling, at university and in the workplace.

Myrtle Programmes promote the empowerment of thinking as the basis for successful action in life.